Engaged Learning Experiences

Engaging Creative Minds (ECM) Curriculum Coaches work with ECM Instructors and teachers to bring Engaged Learning Experiences (ELEs) into K-8th grade classrooms. ELEs are in-school programs custom tailored to teach state standards utilizing Arts Integration. These programs combine the experiences of ECM Curriculum Coaches with the expertise of ECM Instructors. ECM empowers and supports teachers by giving them the tools, confidence and skill level to successfully integrate the arts and light a spark in every one of their student’s creative and innovative spirit.

To learn more about our ECM Instructors, click here. If you are an ECM School interested in working with an ECM Instructor, please contact us or your ECM Coach.

If you're interested in becoming an ECM School, please contact Andrew McGlaughon our Director of Development, Strategy & Communication.

ECM Instructors

ECM Instructors represent areas of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and specialize in connecting their expertise to academic content.

They do this through our in-school Engaged Learning Experiences (ELEs), during which the classroom teacher and ECM Instructor work together to design highly engaging STEAM-based learning experiences for students. ECM Instructors visit the school for several days (five days is the average) and lead students through the learning activities with the participation and support of the classroom teacher.

Other opportunities for ECM Instructors include end-of-the-year school festival events, outreach events in the community and teaching at our annual Summer STEAM Institute®. ECM Instructors share a passion for teaching and a focus on high levels of student engagement. ECM Instructors make learning fun!


In response to COVID-19, Engaging Creative Minds (ECM), in partnership with local school districts and our Academic Response Team (A.R.T.), designed and distributed CReATE Kits this summer to support students at risk of falling behind. For equal access and accessibility, kits did not require the internet.

Charleston Marathon Grants

The Charleston Marathon® is Engaging Creative Minds’ largest annual fundraiser with 20% of the net proceeds going to school grants.

The Charleston Marathon Grants program supports students in Berkeley County School District, Charleston County School District, and Dorchester School District Two with funding to support the following initiatives: Arts Integrated projects in all Art disciplines that increase academic achievement and participation in the Arts; and Arts equipment for which funding sources are limited.

For more information about Charleston Marathon Grant opportunities please contact our education department.

Power-On Conference

Keep checking back to learn more about potential in-person or remote learning opportunities.

Summer STEAM Institute®

ECM’s Summer STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & mathematics) Institute® is a national award-winning camp in partnership with the College of Charleston designed to prevent summer learning loss for rising K-8th graders. All of our summer campers participate in immersive, Arts Integrated STEAM programming with instruction from local artists, STEM professionals, cultural organizations, and educators designing and producing projects, experiments, and unique art. Themes change weekly and focus on 21st–century skills such as fostering imagination, collaboration, and creativity.  The summer camp runs Monday-Friday and you can choose 1-6 weeks.  843-277-2016

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