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Top 5 Finalists for 2022 YEScarolina State Business Plan Competition

Congratulations to the top five YEScarolina entrepreneurship students for state competition, that's coming up for October 13, 2022! The teachers, schools, and mentors are mentioned below.

Ayden Alewine, 10th Grade Quick Cuts, Westside High School Joseph Long, Entrepreneurship Teacher

David Vroblesky, Blackbaud, Mentor

Troy Gallant, 10th Grade Front Row Freedom, Fort Dorchester High School

Cassandra Parker, Entrepreneurship Teacher Janell Geddis, Palmetto Career Advancement, Mentor

Bryson Sanders, 11th Grade Grocer Ease, Westside High School

Michaela Hackman, Entrepreneurship Teacher Benjamin Scott, Evolve 3D, Mentor

Colin Shedler, 10th Grade

sEATs, Ashley Ridge High School

Scott Stevenson, Ashley Ridge High School Keith Sauls, Exeter Venture Group, LLC, Mentor

Erin Wilson, Grade 11 E. Canvas, Georgetown High School

Angelia Jackson, Georgetown High School

Allison Van Diest, Blackbaud, Mentor

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