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January Newsletter

Updated: Jan 20

YEScarolina announces competition winners

ECM is excited to announce the results for the YEScarolina In-Class Business Plan Competition Winners for Wando High School, Friday, January 6th and Georgetown High School, Tuesday, January 10th. We thank the teachers for their leadership, David Fralix and Angelia Jackson. These entrepreneurship teachers make it happen by going above and beyond in the classroom to help guide students to their dreams of starting a business. We appreciate the judges that took time from their busy schedules to serve! Thank YOU!

Congratulations to the following first semester entrepreneurship students from Wando High School.

2nd Block Entrepreneurship Class Winners

Matthew Thomas, Dune Hippies - 1st Place, $250 Gabrielle Jacquemin, Soleil Coucher - 2nd Place, $150 Anna Kolman, ChipIn - 3rd Place, $100.00

Judges: Benjamin Scott and David Vroblesky

3rd Block Entrepreneurship Class Winners Bella Mitlo, Student SXN - 1st Place $250 Adam Moustafa, Primal Gymwear - 2nd Place $150 Noah Lewis, Skimsticks - 3rd Place $100

Judges: Dr. Clifford Scott, Cathy Marino, Benjamin Scott, Brittany Westbrook

4th Block Entrepreneurship Class Winners Sydney White, Nature's Style - 1st Place $250 Genesis Green, Gaia Vision - 2nd Place $150.00 Emilia Charveron, ERC Emilia Racing Company - 3rd Place $100.00

Judges: Dr. Clifford Scott, Benjamin Scott

Congratulations to the following first semester entrepreneurship students from Georgetown High School.

Nazariah Aiken, Wingz n'Thingz - 1st Place $250 Jadasah Uriburu, Inventory Backpack - 2nd Place $150 Arivonne Hemingway, DNA Dance Experience, - 3rd Place $100

Judges: Nikki Ewing, James Malm, Andrea Johnson

The top two student winners will compete at YEScarolina State Business Plan Competition on Friday, April 21st in Columbia. We are very excited about offering an in-person business plan competition. The first since 2019, and we look forward to hosting an amazing event for the top 50 entrepreneurship students from across the state. If you are interested in serving as a judge for state competition, please email We need YOU!

Arts integrated afterschool program launches in Hampton County

The future is bright... in Hampton County! ECM is excited to launch our first elementary afterschool program in an ArtsGrowSC county. The theme for the first unit is "The Future is Bright!" and the arts integrated lessons include fun activities like blacklight art, glow slime science, and watercolor paintings of the Northern Lights. WOOHOO for Hampton County!

Starting the year with a strong finish

It may be just the beginning of the year, but we’ve already crossed the finish line - the marathon finish line, that is! ECM held our annual fundraiser, the Charleston Half Marathon, on January 14th. We are so proud of all the racers who took part in the day’s events, and so grateful to all of the workers and volunteers. We could not have done this without you all!

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Watch ECM instructor Simone Liberty teach students about different cultures and traditions using dance!

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