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SC Slavery History Program

History & Culture

SC Slavery History Program


Over the last 27 years, I have worked as a museum history interpreter of African American history and planned student programs. For the last seven years, I have been a history interpreter at the Old Slave Mart Museum in Charleston. My interpretation experience also includes McLeod Plantation on James Island, SC.

Students will be presented the history of the Old Slave Mart Museum (OSMM). Next, students will listen to the voice of a formerly enslaved person from the Library of Congress. Then, students will be introduced to the inventory of names they will select from to write about. A created letter will be read to the class for inspiration. Students will write their thoughts about the enslaved person they selected. Or they may write in first-person narration. Last, students will be asked to volunteer and share their writing with the class.

Options: Review Charleston newspaper advertisements for selling the enslaved, runaway ads, a bill of sale, mortgage, and insurance documents.