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Rosemary Dillon

Visual Art

Rosemary Dillon

In-Person, Virtual

I am a local Charleston artist, and I work in afterschool and summer programs in the city. I love working with recycled cardboard and found materials to create large sculptures. I also work with clay and teach hand built pottery to all ages. Some of the team creations we have made include a 6 ft. Elephant, a 9 ft Charleston style rowhouse, a 10 ft. rollercoaster and topical landform maps. I introduce my students to the concept of building a foundation and a structure as a basis for constructing any project.

Some ideas for ELEs are
1. Creating an Ecological Shadow Box showing land formations and water bodies, and rivers.
2. Learning about making furniture from recycled corrugated cardboard, and learning how to use both the strength and flexibility of the material. Both an exercise in construction and design creativity.
3. Using handbuilt pottery techniques we can create a sculptural animal vessel out of clay.