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Lisa Trott: Arts + Academics = Love of Learning

Visual Art, Music, Writing

Lisa Trott: Arts + Academics = Love of Learning

In-Person, Virtual

Lisa Trott, 2013 CCSD Teacher of the Year, is a recently retired veteran elementary teacher who has dedicated her career to developing arts-integrated learning experiences for her students. Lisa fervently believes that providing creative paths for students results in deeper meaning and understanding. Within each learning experience, students will merge academics with the arts in a multitude of forms such as music, visual arts, dancing...you name it, we’ll do it!!

*Native American Artwork: Seeing Indigenous Americans Through Their Eyes
ELA and Social Studies - Students will be immersed in the culture and natural resources of 4 main geographical Native American regions (Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Plains, Eastern Woodlands) through legends and beliefs, as well as create an iconic piece of art for each region.

*Calligram Poetry and Mosaics
ELA and Science - This is truly a multifaceted learning experience! Students will learn about calligram poetry - shape poetry - but there’s a twist! While the shape can’t move, students will use strong verbs and adverbs to describe the daily movements of a chosen animal. This “moving” shape animal poem will then be completed with an interior mosaic reflecting the habitat of the animal!

*Finding the Beat with the Beatles
ELA - Using songs from the Beatles, students will learn about poetic rhyme patterns and types of poetry. Students will be introduced to the artwork of Peter Max andHeinz Edelmann (Yellow Submarine) with their use of primary colors and psychedelic, comic book style in conjunction with zentangle art - merging the two.