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Julian Simmons: Becoming a Published Writer


Julian Simmons: Becoming a Published Writer

In-Person, Virtual

Julian is an award winning published author. He has worked in the Publishing industry for over 14 years and is a Charleston-native and graduate from the College of Charleston. He is a former recording artist and has performed at New York's prestigious Carnegie Hall. In his spare time, Julian enjoys writing stories with his three kids, wife, and their pet rabbit.

Becoming a published author teaches students fun ways to release the stories from their mind and how to structure those narratives. Once the stories are created they will learn about tools for editing and publishing before finalizing their projects for marketing on social media.

Word Wars: Students will break into teams for a game of Word Wars. Each team will battle against each other on who can write the most words while telling a cohesive story. As each team is defeated they merge with the remaining teams. The group with the most words at the end wins!

Write to Excite: Students are given a set of characters, objects, and landscapes and must bring them to life using words to describe how their characters are related, what they eat, where they live, how they survive in their habitat and where they reside in the food chain.

The Said It Edit: Students are given a card with a word on it and have to talk to each other to find their matching homonym. We then discuss the pitfalls of showing vs telling where students will act out a skit and “show” the audience their action and the audience has to write down what they are watching and guess the action phrase.