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Digitcat Coding


Digitcat Coding

In-Person, Virtual

Paige Hetherington L.Ac graduated from The Iron Yard with a focus in Java Engineering. An inspiration to dissolve stereotypes around computer programming led her to create coding courses that encourage children to explore tech. Learning is a discovery of coding and software applications coupled with creativity.

Students use Google Sites to create their own customized webpage or website with multiple pages. Google Sites is a free, user-friendly drag and drop program that allows for adding text, headings, images, videos, menus, buttons, maps, and forms along with styling options. Students get to design the layout, infuse the website with their specific curriculum information, and personalize it with creative style. Once completed, the website can be published to live eternally online. Proficiency in using Google Sites empowers students with the ability to create more web pages for future school projects or their own ventures.