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Dave Smith


Dave Smith

In-Person, Virtual

Dave Smith lives with his family in West Ashley, and raising his kids is his favorite job. He was a classroom teacher for six years - here in Charleston and in Augusta, GA. He left the classroom to begin delivering entrepreneurship based programs and has been offering ECM classrooms for the past eight years. He is passionate about helping students apply what they learn in school into the real world. He looks forward to working with your classroom this year!

BUILD A BUSINESS - We build businesses with groups of students to make what they are learning in school relevant in a real world context. We can work with nearly any standard. However, many teachers gravitate toward us to work with certain standards. A popular mathematics-based program has students apply their knowledge of measurement and making conversions within the customary measures of weight and volume through creating a recipe based product, like fragrant salt scrub or hot cocoa mix. Another popular content area is simple machines, where students learn about simple machines and then use that knowledge to create handmade toys that they will sell in a classroom toy store. A third popular program is a force and motion program, where students learn about Newton's Laws of Motion and then the students use that knowledge to build plastic straw rockets that fly up to 200 feet! Students measure and graph their launches and in upper grades can use the data to calculate miles per hour from feet per second, which they use to market and sell their rockets.

In addition to the main standard, students will also use persuasive writing through sales flyers to promote sales of their products and use design skills to brand their business by developing a company name and logo.