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Dance Matters


Dance Matters


Dance Matters Charleston is a contemporary dance company with a commitment to cross-disciplinary performances that engage, educate, and inspire audiences of all ages. Integral to the company’s mission is to create work that addresses K-12 curriculum standards ​and tailored ​for dance integrated ​residencies and school performances.

Dance Matters is offering Earth Songs, a 30 minute dance/theater film that invites audiences to consider the role of human activity on the environment with an emphasis on SC history and environmental stewardship. The piece features a unique blend of dance and storytelling that integrates dance, science, social studies, and English Language Arts and is appropriate for grades PreK-5. The film is available free of charge on the Dance Matters Charleston website with an accompanying curriculum that addresses 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade curriculum standards and can be delivered by classroom teachers. Dance Matters virtual residencies are available to accompany the film and curriculum.