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Anne G. Sbrocchi, BFA, M.Ed.

Visual Art

Anne G. Sbrocchi, BFA, M.Ed.


Improving student engagement and creative thinking has meant creating opportunities for students to engage in various art forms to help make content standards come alive. In every position I've held, it was tantamount for students to be engaged in projects that fostered critical and analytical thinking for both teachers and students. My creativity, passion, perseverance and knowledge of standards and curriculum design make me an effective change agent.

Collage and mixed media helps students find graphic representations to use to express a variety of standards in most subject areas. Visualize a collage depicting cause and effects of climate changes on various landforms. Or conceptualize what an author's word's represent.

Mind Mapping, another visual art form, is a type of graphic organizer that also focuses on creativity and the organization of information and how topics of subject content are depicted and interrelated. Pictures are worth a thousand words!

Creating blank books using a variety of art and design techniques will turn any student into an author and illustrator. Can be a paired activity.