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Addressing Basic Conflict

Conflict Resolution

Addressing Basic Conflict

In-Person, Virtual

At Addressing Basic Conflict we use our expertise to provide engaging, fun and exciting lessons that are created to: Build character, critical thinking, communication and mediation skills individually and as a community, enhance ability to understand and address conflict and make thoughtful choices using evidence based tactics, foster excitement and encourage compassion with regard to problem solving, utilize information collected from students to enhance understanding of issues impacting the community-both inside and outside of the classroom, normalize community and group thinking as a means of resolving problems and achieving goals, aid children in creating relevant and visual reminders of solutions to common problems, build a foundation for continued and consistent conflict resolution and problem-solving. We invite you to visit our website addressingbasicconflict.com for more information!

We offer a single ELE specifically and carefully crafted to capture and inspire children's interest, drive and confidence in problem solving and conflict resolution skills. In this day, social-emotional and conflict resolution skills have never been more important for students. With our lesson, children are able to engage in creative writing, art, and learn to problem solve while collaborating to create tools to aid your community in solving your most common problems. We utilize CASEL models and methodology coupled with our unique characters and techniques to allow children to grow their competency in and understanding of conflict resolution. Most importantly, kids have fun!