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A Taste of Africa & Gullah with Ms. Nina

Ms Nina is a Gullah Geechie native born in Charleston, SC who specializes in performing arts of West African Dance, songs, Gullah storytelling, African drumming, impactful monologues, fashion, song writing, hip-hop & African & Gullah history & culture. She is a fashion business & management graduate of the Art institute of Charleston who loves to share her art forms w/kids of the lowcountry & surrounding areas.

In-Person, Virtual

Addressing Basic Conflict

At Addressing Basic Conflict we use our expertise to provide engaging, fun and exciting lessons that are created to: Build character, critical thinking, communication and mediation skills individually and as a community, enhance ability to understand and address conflict and make thoughtful choices using evidence based tactics, foster excitement and encourage compassion with regard to problem solving, utilize information collected from students to enhance understanding of issues impacting the community-both inside and outside of the classroom, normalize community and group thinking as a means of resolving problems and achieving goals, aid children in creating relevant and visual reminders of solutions to common problems, build a foundation for continued and consistent conflict resolution and problem-solving. We invite you to visit our website addressingbasicconflict.com for more information!


Anne G. Sbrocchi, BFA, M.Ed.

Improving student engagement and creative thinking has meant creating opportunities for students to engage in various art forms to help make content standards come alive. In every position I've held, it was tantamount for students to be engaged in projects that fostered critical and analytical thinking for both teachers and students. My creativity, passion, perseverance and knowledge of standards and curriculum design make me an effective change agent.


Annex Dance Company

Annex Dance Company is a professional modern dance company rooted in modern dance tradition while pushing the boundaries of movement invention through relationships and intention. The company's creative process is collaborative and integrative of other art forms and inspirations that inform our work, which is why we love curriculum-based residencies! Using the standards and grade specific curriculum, students will use creative movement to explore dance composition elements such as shape, levels, dynamics, pathways, space, time, and effort. Most experiences will conclude with a dance created by the students in collaboration with the company. Experiences are usually taught by 2-3 Annex Dance Company members allowing for small group, partner, and individual work in class.

In-Person, Virtual

Backpack Journalist

Photojournalism is our foundation as found in writing, photography and filmmaking -ie Storytelling.
New addition. Pantomime, following the Comic Genius of Charlie Chaplin, Making the World Smile Again!


Becky Becker

Becky Becker is a puppeteer who has been entertaining audiences in the Lowcountry since 1980. Helping children discover the joy of reading and weaving magical tales that come to life before your eyes is a trademark of Becky and her puppets. She believes that one can connect the mind, heart and body through puppets. Her programs are designed to help children build understanding of concepts while working in a playful safe space.

Creating a puppet involves deliberate and thoughtful planning. Scale, dimension, texture, color, materials, and movement are considered. We start with a story, theme or subject. The ultimate goal is to create a puppet that through movement and voice will dramatize or impart information on a said particular story, theme or subject. Students use simple materials to create a puppet of their choice, which will be used to dramatize stories created by teams of students.

Becky works with students in CD-2nd Grades

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Caroline Hoadley Dance and Media Artist

Over 30 years experience designing custom residencies for your classroom with dance/movement integration and media arts.

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Children's Museum of the Lowcountry

We are a children's museum dedicated to STEM outreach. We offer virtual STEM lessons and brown bag challenges. We are flexible and would love to work together to find new ways to engage students through exciting hands-on challenges. Kevin Powers, education specialist, has been with the Children's Museum of the Lowcountry since 2011. He is passionate about learning through the power of play! Focus on STEAM and process over product.


Dance Matters

Dance Matters Charleston is a contemporary dance company with a commitment to cross-disciplinary performances that engage, educate, and inspire audiences of all ages. Integral to the company’s mission is to create work that addresses K-12 curriculum standards ​and tailored ​for dance integrated ​residencies and school performances.

In-Person, Virtual

Digitcat Coding

Paige Hetherington L.Ac graduated from The Iron Yard with a focus in Java Engineering. An inspiration to dissolve stereotypes around computer programming led her to create coding courses that encourage children to explore tech. Learning is a discovery of coding and software applications coupled with creativity.

In-Person, Virtual

Eye Opener with The Gibbes Museum of Art

The Gibbes Museum enhances lives through art by engaging people of every background and experience with art and artists of enduring quality, by collecting and preserving art that touches Charleston, and by providing opportunities to learn, to discover, to enjoy, and to be inspired by the creative process.

In-Person, Virtual

Gina Bean

Use 3D forms, including models and puppetry, to integrate virtually ANY academic standard to make learning interactive and memorable for all grade levels.