Gibbes Museum

Becca Heister

The Gibbes Museum enhances lives through art by engaging people of every background and experience with art and artists of enduring quality, by collecting and preserving art that touches Charleston, and by providing opportunities to learn, to discover, to enjoy, and to be inspired by the creative process.

The Time Machine
Using costumes and props, students interact with each other and collaborate to create music and videos reflecting another time.
Previous projects have traveled to and visited the Mayflower Compact (1620), Charleston Towne and the Lords Proprietors (1670), the Italian Renaissance (15th century), and the Civil Rights movement in Charleston from the Cigar Factory Strike (1949) to the Charleston Sit-In (1963)

Writing Workshops
Students are inspired by art to write poetry and narratives. Some sample workshop projects include:
Reflections: A 2-session writing workshop
Tall Tales: based on Zora Neale Hurston’s Lies and Big Tales
Pick-a-Path: A 1-2 session workshop. Which path will you take?

Mosaic Mania
Each student will create a paper mosaic picture in a 10x10 square grid with their choice of colors to create a symbol, picture or design. Upon completion of their individual mosaics, students will share mathematical information about their design, before gathering as a class to assemble a giant mosaic.

We are also happy to customize or tailor any of our existing programs to meet your needs.