Addressing Basic Conflict

Catherine Wilhoit

Addressing Basic Conflict provides exciting and expert social-emotional
learning, conflict resolution, pre-mediation and mediation training for kids and the
adults in their schools and communities to proactively address successfully
manage dispute resolution.
With simple tools, endearing characters, and interactive games, Addressing
Basic Conflict makes the skills utilized by the best mediators accessible,
memorable and fun. Like mediators, students learn to effectively communicate,
identify issues, reframe problems as goals, facilitate exploration of solutions, and
make thoughtful, logical choices!

We offer a single ELE specifically and carefully crafted to capture and inspire children's interest, drive and confidence in problem solving and conflict resolution skills. In this day, social-emotional and conflict resolution skills have never been more important for students. With our lesson, children are able to engage in creative writing, art, and learn to problem solve while collaborating to create tools to aid your community in solving your most common problems. We utilize CASEL models and methodology coupled with our unique characters and techniques to allow children to grow their competency in and understanding of conflict resolution. Most importantly, kids have fun!