Linda Avery

District 5 - Sumter, SC

14 Years Teaching, 12 Years Teaching Entrepreneurship

Cambridge College

Fun Fact: Linda was four when she decided she wanted to be a ballerina and an artist. Now as an adult, she’s become a dancer, an artist, as well as a teacher!

When Linda Avery isn’t teaching entrepreneurship, she’s dancing, making art, or reading --the latter being something she’s been doing since she was four. Inherent in these personal passions is the key that unlocks the minds of her students when they learn the value of entrepreneurship: creativity! Mrs. Avery encourages her students to dream big and challenges them on the notion that there’s only one way to be successful in business. By creating an environment that’s passionate and fun, she shows students how to seize the opportunities before them. Mrs. Avery teaches her students that a heart for others and understanding what drives them isn’t only imperative for entrepreneurs to learn about their customers’ needs, but also a way for her students to be open to and network with people who can bring them opportunities throughout their entrepreneurial journey.