Kelly Kiser

District 4 - Spartanburg, SC

3 Years Teaching Entrepreneurship and Web Design

Liberty University

Fun Fact: I love art and painting is one of my favorite past time. Since I love art, my husband surprised me with a trip to Italy for our anniversary a couple of years ago which was a dream come true.

I am a second-career educator, with 17 years experience working in the legal field. I managed a busy law firm during that time. I grew up in a family of educators and married one as well, but did not feel called into the profession until about 5 years ago. Teaching is the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life and I love it. Having previous business experience definitely helps me in the classroom. I find when students are given opportunities to think outside of the box and make mistakes the sky is the limit for their creative thinking. My students come up with ideas I could never imagine. They love creating business plans for their own unique ideas. YesCarolina provides the necessary training and essentials needed to help students excel in the entrepreneurship classroom.