David Fralix

District 1 - Charleston, SC

11 Years Teaching, 8 Years Teaching Entrepreneurship

University of South Carolina (BA) and New York University (MBA) Alumnus

Fun Fact: Before he dies, David has plans to take a tour of Asia… on a motorcycle!

David Fralix is unconventional, with so many life experiences and stories to share with his students that he never fails to surprise them. For 8 years of teaching entrepreneurship, this is why students connect with him and learn how out of the box thinking can lead to entrepreneurial success. In Mr. Fralix’s class, which has consistently produced finalists in the YEScarolina State Business Plan Competition, students are expected to engage their inquisitive minds, take chances on ideas that might be a little risky, and even make mistakes. By creating an environment where it’s ok to fail as long as you get back up to try again, he brings an original approach to teaching life relevant skills through entrepreneurship that resonate with his students long after they’ve graduated.