Aimee Gray

District 3 - Anderson, SC

13 Years Teaching, 13 Years Teaching Entrepreneurship

Clemson University

Fun Fact: Aimee can say the alphabet backwards very fast. She thinks that’s her only hidden talent, but we know better!

Aimee Gray has been in education since 2005, currently serving as the Director of Technology for Anderson School District Three. Over the past fourteen years, Mrs. Gray has developed rural entrepreneurship programs in Anderson County and has been awarded YEScarolina Entrepreneurship Teacher of the Year, “Top 20 Under 40” leaders in Anderson Country, and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship’s Global Teacher of the Year. Prior to becoming a teacher, Mrs. Gray was an executive with General Electric and Nuvox Communications. She graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and a minor in Computer Science. She has also completed a Master of Science in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, and was instrumental in designing and developing YEScarolina’s Entrepreneurship curriculum. Despite her many accomplishments, persistence and ambition, Mrs. Gray’s down to earth and approachable style in teaching makes her a favorite among her students, young people and the teachers she trains alike. In doing so, she instills in her students of all ages to be both driven and supportive of others in their journeys to success.