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We are starting Volunteer Appreciation Week off spotlighting veteran Summer STEAM Institute® Jr. Counselor Lee Graack. Even though Lee has been a Summer STEAM Institute® camper and volunteered at camp for several years, they are always ready to learn something new and help out with whatever is needed.

“Throughout the summer, I watched Lee listen, comfort and assist other Jr. Counselors and campers. Lee is passionate about helping others and that is what makes Lee an AMAZING volunteer!” – Alicia Modoor

  • What motivated you to volunteer with ECM?
    • I started off as a camper and liked the program so much that I decided to volunteer.
  • What makes this volunteer experience a meaningful use of your time?
    • I am very interested in STEAM and enjoy every subject in it. That is one of the reasons I chose to volunteer at the camp. It’s fun for me and I can help kids learn and make it fun for them as well.
  • What is the biggest benefit you receive as a volunteer with ECM?
    • Being able to help people learn and be interested in STEAM is the biggest benefit I’ve gained from ECM.
  • What is the most memorable accomplishment and/or moment of your volunteer experience?
    • The most memorable moment is the end of each week and the end of camp altogether. It’s amazing to see how much kids can learn and grow in that span of time. It’s also nice when they come to say their goodbyes and thank you for helping them and making camp the best thing they did that summer.
  • What have you learned from volunteering?
    • I’ve learned so much from volunteering. One is how to adapt to different situations. We never know what that day has in store for us and unexpected things can happen. Like each week, every day can and will be different and that’s one of the things that makes ECM awesome.

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