Today we bring you ECM’s 2020 Volunteer of the Year, Bryn Landis!

Bryn is an exceptional volunteer and we are so grateful for Bryn’s support over the years. A former Summer STEAM Institute® camper, Bryn has made an excellent addition to ECM’s Jr. Counselor group. If Bryn has a superpower, it would be mind-reading, as Bryn was always two steps ahead.

“Bryn is incredibly talented and it was amazing to watch Bryn display that talent whether it was effortlessly running Friday showcases or playing Princess Leia during Space Week.” – Alicia Modoor

  • What motivated you to volunteer with ECM?
    • I volunteered for ECM because I had been going to the camp as a camper for three or four years. 
  • What makes this volunteer experience a meaningful use of your time?
    • It gives me something to do with my summer and I get to spend time with kids. I am thinking of becoming a teacher so spending time with kids is a good way to find out if that’s what I want to do. 
  • What is the biggest benefit you receive as a volunteer with ECM?
    • I have experience for future jobs and knowing whether I want to work with kids for a job. 
  • What is the most memorable accomplishment and/or moment of your volunteer experience?
    • While volunteering this past summer, I made a lot of friendships with the other Jr. Counselors. It was very fun to put together the themed weeks by helping to decorate, and even dress up as characters for the kids. 
  • What have you learned from volunteering?
    • I have learned a lot of patience when it comes to kids and what to and what not to do when taking care of them.

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