Addressing Basic Conflict (ABC) is a program created by Professor Catherine Wilhoit, an attorney, adjunct professor, and certified mediator, founded upon the understanding that children both want and need social/emotional learning (SEL) and conflict resolution education.  ABC creates and implements engaging and age-appropriate dispute resolution lessons and tools, distilled from concepts of law, counseling, and education.

Sample ELE: ABC creates original tools and fables that bring conflict resolution skills and logic-based thinking to your classroom. Working together and with thoughtful instruction, children will encounter characters that struggle with issues to which they can relate, learn about communication, individual problem solving, and learn to problem-solve for others.  Students will:

  • Bring characters alive through storytelling of nonfictional and fictional literature
  • Be introduced to conflict resolution strategies while gaining important information about the kind of conflict that touches the lives of your students
  • Receive the tools to make well thought out choices and enthusiasm for helping peers make good choices and resolve problems
  • Build understanding of how disputes occur and are resolved

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