Anne Sbrocchi is a visual artist who explores concepts through the art form of collage. She engages students in building an understanding of academic content through the art-making process, leading them through concepts such as; cause/effect, problem/solution and or similarities/differences using specified standards.  Students create a visual piece of art (collage) using a variety of pictorial images, unusual objects, and embellishments from many creative sources, including craft and handmade papers, and 3-D items.  Mixed media, collage and mind mapping connect concepts and ideas, and show how a picture is worth a thousand words.

Sample ELEs:

3rd- 8th Grade – Language Arts

Using the selected reading novel, students create an assemblage of symbols that show their understanding of each of the characters’ personality traits and how they shape the story. The materials selected for the symbols match their character traits.

3rd- 8th Grade – Social Studies

In preparation for learning about the social, economic, and political events of a specified time period, students are divided into groups to create an assemblage that shows their understanding of the impact of these events and why they made history. Dramatic and bold, the visual representations are worth a thousand words!

3rd- 8th Grade – Scientific Collage

The intersections of art, design, and science collide as students craft assemblages to show their understanding of the scientific world and to help students organize and process information. Using creative materials that relate to habitats and adaptations, Earth’s materials and changes, and/or motion and sound, assemblages show a powerful understanding of complex issues.


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