Becky Becker is a puppeteer who has been entertaining audiences in the Lowcountry since 1980. Helping children discover the joy of reading by weaving magical tales that come to life before your eyes is a trademark of Becky and her puppets. She believes that one can connect the mind, heart, and body through puppets. Her programs are designed to help children build an understanding of concepts while working in a playful safe space.

Creating a puppet involves deliberate and thoughtful planning.  Scale, dimension, texture, color, materials, and movement are considered.  We start with a story, theme or subject.  The ultimate goal is to create a puppet, that through movement and voice, will dramatize or impart information on a said particular story, theme or subject. Students use simple materials to create a puppet of their choice, which will be used to dramatize stories created by teams of students.

Sample ELEs:

K-2nd Grades | Creative dramatics at play!

Imagination and play acting are the key to unlocking some of the world’s mysteries which help children navigate their world and understand it better. A week filled with puppets, stories, music, and movement spells success as your shining stars explore your particular theme. Past themes have included fairy tales, weather, insects, farm animals, harvest time, and Chinese culture. Each child participates daily as both audience member and performing puppeteer, and features a new puppet character and “mini show” by Miss Becky.

3rd-8th Grades | ELA and Visual Arts

Choosing favorite characters from books and making them into puppets is a great way to understand a story and the complexities of human nature. Giving the puppet ensemble voice by acting out a variety of scenes is rewarding and fun! Students can identify a character’s traits and find ways to construct their puppets in a way that makes those traits visual.


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