Black Tie Music uses music and creative movement to practice skills in performing, audience etiquette, manners, and focus. We work with students to share the secrets of songwriting, the science of music and provide content-heavy and performance-based opportunities for your students.

Sample ELEs:

Out of This World!  – Students learn about our solar system and the eight planets using the eight notes in the musical scale.

Songwriting – Help your reading/writing students explore a new format of expression, writing a pop song. Tips and tricks will be discussed, and students will perform in the school to show off what they’ve learned.

The Science of Music – This experience combines how light and sound waves are produced and culminates in trying to produce sound in a vacuum. Very fun!

Instrument Petting Zoo – This is our most popular class and 100% hands-on. Students love to learn about and play over 20 instruments. We can relate content to periods in history, materials in construction, how sound is made, etc.



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