Caroline Hoadley customizes dance-integrated lessons to engage students both physically and mentally. All Engaged Learning Experiences (ELE) address most of the seven dance academic standards integrated with specific academic standards in the classroom. Student presentations may be included in any ELE.

Sample ELEs:

5th Grade | The Jazz Age society and culture

THE BIG APPLE DANCE – This circle dance, originating in Columbia, SC and sweeping the nation in 1936 and 1937, is a microcosm of dance steps from the 1920s and ’30s.The story of the dance reflects the social and political structure of the nation at that time.

3rd- 8th Grade | Dance the Story

Students use critical and creative thinking skills in order to create interpretive dance in response to poetry or stories.

3rd-5th Grade | Math and Dance

Figure it Out! – Students create a dance to communicate an understanding of concepts related to geometry and measurement.



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