Engage, educate and inspire students to learn curricular content using dance, music and storytelling.

Sample ELE: What kind of history will we carve for ourselves? In Coming to Monuments, students attend a performance at their school that uses dance, music and storytelling to highlight the struggles of African Americans to achieve equal civil rights. The piece addresses social studies standards from Reconstruction through the Civil Rights era told through the stories of Septima Clark, Millicent Brown (one of the first African American students to integrate Charleston public schools), and a moving timeline animating key moments from 1865-1968. Dance integrated classes teach African American social dances such as the Cakewalk and the Charleston to inspire students to learn social studies standards and to discover their role as future history makers. (Appropriate for middle and high school.) Video Link

Sample ELE: During an Earthsongs experience, students attend a performance at their school  that uses a unique blend of dance and storytelling to highlight curriculum connections between literature, science and dance, with an emphasis on habitat and environmental stewardship. The piece addresses science standards and focuses on SC habitats told through the stories of Native Americans, the extinct Carolina Parakeet, and the SC Sea Turtle Rescue Center. Dance integrated classes inspire students to advocate for the environment by integrating movement with grade-level science curriculum such as 2nd graders creating moving habitat poems or 5th graders creating a flash mob to bring attention to plastic pollution. (Appropriate for elementary school students.) Video Link

Special Requirements: N/A

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