In ECM Partners, Visual Arts
Students explore creative solutions to current environmental issues through sustainable themed art projects that are both fun and functional.
Sample ELE: 3rd-8th Grade: After discussing current issues in our environment, students will talk about the terms  Sustainability and Permaculture and how creativity can move us forward, towards a cleaner and healthier future. Students proceed to explore these two ideas and creative problem solving through a series of art projects revolving around recycling different materials they have collected from home such as cardboard, plastic, styrofoam, etc.
Sample ELE: 3rd-8th Grade:  Following a presentation about waste and its effect on our oceans students are lead on a discussion about creative solutions and how exploring new ideas can help us to come up with new ways to care for and protect our environment. Students are then shown a demonstration of how to create beautiful artworks from items that often end up in our waters. The experience continues with the creation of many pieces for a collaborative 3-D mural to be displayed in a common school area for other grade levels to enjoy and learn from. This experience can be elevated by a grade-wide field trip to clean up a beach or nearby riverbank, where collected items will become part of the overall art installation.
Special Requirements: Depends on project chosen

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