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Engaging Creative Minds is a nationally recognized award-winning South Carolina nonprofit committed to helping school-day educators and out-of-school-time programs in the summer and afterschool succeed by leveraging the arts, cultural organizations, and STEM professionals working in partnerships with teachers, principals, and superintendents.  Our evidence-based K-12 system is directly aligned with the new ARP education recovery funds and increases attendance, engagement, and school morale.

Engaging Creative Minds helps schools and districts by providing in-school, summer, and afterschool enrichment support in the following ways:

  1. Help schools and districts design hands-on experiential enrichment activities for summer and afterschool learning in the areas of STEAM and literacy
  2. Help connect and leverage resources in communities through partnership for summer and afterschool programs that are more comprehensive, engaging, and robust through the Infusion of the arts (STEAM), entrepreneurship, and financial literacy
  3. Help manage, recruit, prepare, and train staff and faculty to offer high quality/high attendance summer, in-school, and afterschool enrichment programs
  4. Help schools leverage the integration of the arts and business via community artists and experts to strengthen the curriculum and personalize instruction in key academic areas needing improved engagement during the school day

For more information please contact Robin Berlinsky, Executive Director at or (843) 442-6242

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ECM | Engaging Creative Minds

Imagine a world where arts integration in every school creates tremendous improvements in attendance, academic achievement and behavior and where all students are excited to come to school every day to engage their creative minds and prepare themselves for their futures. Learn more

Our Impacts



60% of students gained skills, techniques and knowledge



Over 90% of teachers believed that Engaging Creative Minds programs had a positive effect on student engagement



over 95% of the teachers agreed that arts integration was effective for teaching standards-based instruction as well as differentiated instruction

ECM’s evidence-based evaluation process relies on internal and external data collection and analysis designed to ensure continuous improvement in student engagement and student improvement in knowledge and skills identified in the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate as well as state and national standards.

YOU can make a difference!

Thank you for considering a contribution to support our work in the community. When you give to Engaging Creative Minds (ECM), you are investing in a brighter future for thousands of local students.

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